June 27

Our travels have been delayed this year by health concerns for both if us. So finally, armed with a bag full of pain meds, we boarded the plane for Oslo and survived the trip with relative ease. Rover was waiting for us in our daughter’s yard. Our son-in-law had picked her up for us since the storage owner was leaving for the typical month-long “everyone goes on vacation at the same time;”   Rover is in great shape--everything functioning and ready to go. Now if we can get all of our functions going, we will be heading south. It is obvious to us that one of the things we will learn soon is whether we can actually continue to do this kind of travel. 

One of the  concerns we were left with last fall was the mystery fluid the plumber in Lillehammer had given us to use for antifreeze. When we flushed out the system a few days ago, the water had turned blue and fizzed and bubbled and smelled heavily of alcohol. It took much flushing to get it to normal. While staying with our daughter and her family, we have been using only water from the house for drinking, but when we leave for Oslo tomorrow we will begin using the water in Rover’s tanks. We don’t think we can get much sicker anyhow.

We have been in Lillehammer enjoying our grandchildren, playing with Rover, and celebrating the summer solstice at the community's traditional bonfire.We are once again reminded of just how expensive things are here.  We bought four ice creams (the prepackaged cone kind): $16. We filled our daughter’s car with gas: $107 (about 8.70/gal). And tonight we went out for pizza--one large, one medium,  one child’s and one beer--$125.  We will postpone buying groceries until we get to Sweden.

Image 2

                                                                    Midsummer bonfire with Greta