July 26

    It was a relatively short drive from Dresden into the Czech Republic. Before we even left Germany we had to stop and put money on one of those little boxes (“vignettes”) that read tolls for the Czech Republic.  And then we drove on into Prague. For the first time since Finland, we understood nothing on any of the road signs.

    We aimed for a small campground north and close to the city that had good transportation connections. When we arrived, we found there were actually five small campgrounds, side by side--basically a house with a steep driveway leading to the backyard. The one we knew about had such a narrow gate that we didn’t dare try it, but the fifth one looked safer so we pulled in there. The reception was closed, and when we looked over the fence to #4, we decided we liked the looks of that site better. So we left Rover and walked next door to check out the driveway and ask whether they had room; we then went back and moved Rover one yard over. The best part is that the electricity is enough to run the air conditioning. It’s 96 right now and getting hotter tomorrow. It’s  pretty difficult to feel like doing anything in this heat, but tomorrow we meet our son in Prague and we won’t miss that.