July 28

    Are we having fun yet?

    Prague pretty much did us in. The excessive heat, the return of significant pain to Susan’s back and David’s general fatigue made it a very difficut day.  Meeting our son and his girl friend in the middle of their world tour was the best thing about it. We met under the astronomical clock in one of the city squares and watched it strike twelve while the disciples (excepting Judas) marched around Jesus. Afterwards we sat and drank cold drinks for an hour; then we went to lunch on the river and did more of the same; then we took the best advice we’ve ever gotten from Lonely Planet: we took a tram to the top of the castle on the hill and walked down through it all--over half a mile. (On the way, we met plenty of people going the other way . . . clearly, they were readers of one of those “other” guidebooks we’d heard about.)

    The Prague Castle complex is the largest in Europe. And since it is all stone and cobble stone and no trees for shade, it was a very hot walk . . . but with beautiful views over the city.

    By the end of the day, when we had dinner with Jeremy and Amber, we had pretty much decided that we could not continue to do this. Tomorrow we will head for Amsterdam to put Rover in storage until who knows when. 

    A reckoning will follow.