Names that won’t work in the US

Tweewheeler   -   a motorscooter store

Sissy Boy  -  a menswear store

Baby Dump  -  everything for baby

Detox  -  a fruit drink

Dusty Clean  -  a soap dispenser in a bathroom

Sports Cup  -  a trophy store

Openbare Toilet  -  a public (enclosed) pay toilet

Paris XL  -  a perfume store

Boogers  -  just a commercial name on a truck

Hairkiller - a hair salon in Luxembourg

Nixonnow - on a poster for a website in Basel

XXL Erotik Centre - a store in Basel next to Sexy Discount Centre

PMS Industries - the name of a large factory outside Basel

Speed Rabbit Pizza - Bordeaux pizza restaurant

The Open Ditch Bar - a tavern in Bayonne

Crepes de Lices and Coiffure de Lices - a restaurant and a beauty salon, respectively, in Albi

Miss 60 -  a dress shop in Aix-en-Provence